Don’t Forget!!

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Positive Thoughts 

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I wouldn’t know it by the weather, but I just heard on the radio that it is the first day of spring!

I wish that mother nature would cooperate a little bit andget her calendar and realize that it’s time to warm up the weather.

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Days 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27, 28 of 30 Day Challenge 

I have been behind so I want to catch up!

Day 22 asks how have you changed over the past few years.

Over the past few years I have endured a concussion which is changed me from my memory my state of personality. I have also changed jobs several times.  (Not my choice) I feel that changing of jobs has helped me grow. This made me identify the different demands of my job in different areas.

Day 23

Post pictures of five celebrities you find attractive.

Day 24

What is your favorite movie and why?

My favorite movie was always the Sound of Music because of the music and the romantic aspect.

Day 25

Someone who fascinates you and why.

I’m fascinated by how children’s minds think!  Watching my grandchildren grow from babies to inquisitive and competitive, ambitious adults making decisions on their own just simply and sheerly fascinates me! Not that I think that they couldn’t make decisionsbut I’m always amazed at their achievements and just fascinated! 

Day 26

If you had $1 million how would you spend it.

If I had $1 million I would make certain that everyone would get a share of my prize. I would make everyone in my family happy . I would share the wealth. I goodbye a home in another state where we could all visit and enjoy life to the fullest!  The home could be the getaway for anyone in the family. So we would have to come to an agreement on that. Even though I’d have all the money, I still would like everyone’s input.

Day 27

Discuss a problem you had in the past.

Problem I had in the past is just that in the past and something that I would never drudge up!

I’ve had more problems that I can think of I don’t wish to put my mind to that state so I hope you understand why this question is going to be pretty much avoided. Thanks for your understanding

Day 28

What is something or someone you missed from your past. Thought about writing about one particular person but that would be quite difficult since I miss them all equally the same! 

I gravely miss  my dog.  I miss him because he was always here when I did not feel good. He would protect me.  I always felt safe and secure. He was my buddy. We traveled together, watched movies together and he even listenedto my stories! He never complained about the movies we watched, my stories or where we were going!  I need to get another dog. I need to get another companion.

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Love this!

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Lucky Day

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Raising The Bar

I don’t mean that in a negative context.  I just want to raise awareness or everyone about epilepsy.    An individual that has epilepsy, acts normal, looks until they have an epileptic seizure.  

I’ve never had a desire to videotape myself during a seizure . I have had others  tell me what I I look like during a seizure.  I had a few seizures  in the doctors office. I have been told it is a very tense and I’m certain  it is. 

If  you have questions please ask.

©copyright Roxie 2017

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Time Change

I was so impressed with the time I got up today and how slowly the day was moving even though we move the time ahead until… I looked at my phone! I realized I set my clocks an hour behind so now I’m two hours back!

Oh the day is flying by to say the least.  

Additionally , with the impending storm heading this way promising 12 to 18 inches of snow it doesn’t feel anything like spring today is Temp hi it’s 19°!

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Know it!

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I know my posts have been very short these days but that’s because I’m having such severe pain in my back down my leg! Trying to concentrate, write , or even  keep my mind alert  us becoming a struggle because the pain.  It is overcoming all of my senses.  

The pain makes me feel nauseous tired yet I can’t sleep, and I can’t even look at this text because my eyes are that tired! So I’m talking my text if it comes out with mistakes, I apologize.  

I’m sure this too will pass but it’s taking a very long time each day is a migraine with pain in my back. 

#Migraines #chronic pain #BackPain

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