Be Happy

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You Really Are!

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Don’t Judge 

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Set up!

I have to say I was growing truly concerned for Warren Beatty’s memory . 

The sheer look of confusion on his face made me think he was silently battling dementia.  I was scared for him!  He gave the envelope to Faye Dunaway to read. She found that Lala land won for best picture exclamation the whole cast was jumping up to the stage.  They were thrilled and there was so much excitement in the stage.

Jimmy Kimmel cane out on the stage to  announce a mistake was made and Moonlight won  yes picture of the year!

There  was a mixture of feelings at that point in The Oscars, disappointment, excitement and confusion !  

For me, I was really happy that Warren Beatty still had all his bearings!  He made a mistake because the wrong information was in the envelope!  He apologized and explained why he looked confused.  (I guess that’s passed it off to poor Faye Dunaway)

I must say  it made one of the most interesting Oscars that I’ve watched! 


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Day 11 

What are the first 10 sings when your iPod is put on shuffle?

1.  You Are The Best Thing. : Ray LaMontagne

2. How to Save a Life: The Fray

3.  Like A Star: Corrine Bailey Rae

4.  For the First Time: John Legend

5.  Oh My Love:  John Lennon 

6.  You Don’t Own Me: Lesley Gore

7.  It’s My Life: Bon Jovi

8. The Prayer: Andrea Bocelli

9.  I Believe in Love:  Barbra Streisand

10.  Happy:  Pharrell Williams

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Sometime ago I wrote a children’s book on building self esteem. 

On my dedication page this was my quote:

I believe we have different qualities and we re all individuals.  but we need to be gentle when taking to others.  Appreciate the feelings of someone has in their heart.

I have been belittled and it did hurt.  Remember what is inside a person’s heart will never change!  We all may have an exterior imperfection, but that should never over shadow the depth of the soul !

Love and Peace

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And the Oscar goes to…..

It’s so exciting to be on the Red Carpet!  Oh I love John Legend and Chrissy Teigen!  What a beautiful couple!  Love them !  

I just hope this is all about the movies, actors and actresses! I look forward to this program since I was a young child. 

 Let’s hope keep it to entertainment only and leave the political views out


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Blue Skies

I love this quote!  

It doesn’t matter the amount noise and clamor people make each day , the true significance is win this person of outshines another !  They may be soft spoken, but their actions will be much stronger then their words.

Having epilepsy  or any chronic problems helps a person to rely i’m in inner strength that no one else can see nor hear! 

These people may not be the loudest in the crowd. They may not be the ones that are yelling from the rooftops, but they are the ones that have a tremendous amount of determination and desire to for fulfill and exceed their dreams.

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To Be Here!

Singer Island, Florida take me away!

I can dream of days on this beach, when I was feeling great!  

I need the Sunshine State!

# Park Limosine 

#singer Island 🌴 

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Waiting to be picked up’. He fell asleep!!

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